Soulmate Spell

By | January 12, 2017

(Note: DO NOT do love spells with a particular person in mind. It will not work out the way you hope, and will only cause pain for everyone involved. You should never do anything to interfere with another’s free will.)

This spell is designed to help draw your soulmate to you, your true soulmate. It may take some time for it to work, so be patient.

You will need:

– one pink taper candle
– one white taper candle
– Lavender oil
– Rose or Vanilla incense

Take a shower or bath, and anoint yourself with the oil (brow and heart). Cast a circle and anoint the candles with the oil, starting from the base, up to the top. Light the candles and incense.

Sit quietly for a few moments, gazing into the candle flames.

Say: “Goddess, I invite love into my life, in the form of a healthy, mature relationship. Please send my soulmate to me, the one meant just for me, the one who is searching for me even as I search for him/her. Goddess, please send me my love. My heart is open to receive your blessings, and I do so with gratitude.”

Let the candles burn all the way down if possible, then uncast the circle, and proceed with your day.

Do not obsess over the spell, do not feel that you need to go out looking for your soulmate. Just continue with your everyday life, and he/she will find you when the timing is right.

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