How to Perform a Witchcraft Spell

By | January 12, 2017

A witchcraft spell is an organized ritual that directs your energy and intention toward the formation of a specific outcome.

Colored candles, scented incense, herbs, crystals, and spoken words are all geared to lend energy and power to the spell. While these tools can be helpful in encouraging the right mindset and atmosphere for a successful outcome, they are not always necessary to perform a spell. A spell is simply a tool that helps to release the power already within you.

Before we get into the details of exactly how to do a spell, it’s important to first understand the dynamics of creative energy.

Put simply, every action puts forth energy that will attract a corresponding consequence. This is not spooky spiritual talk, this is universal law. What you put out into the universe, you will get back in a similar form.

So, while you can certainly use witchcraft to get back at your enemies, or take advantage of others, the energy you put out while doing so will be that of a negative nature, which will ultimately attract negative energy back to you.

If, on the other hand, you want to attract more positive energy into your life, in the form of abundance, health, happiness, and love, you will want to be sure to perform spells that attract this positive energy.

So, how do we perform a spell? Where do we start?

First, you will want to gather all the materials for your spell before you begin. That way you won’t have to be running back and forth while trying to concentrate. The materials for your spell will likely include: a colored candle, scented incense, crystals, and herbs that all correspond with your intentions, and finally, the written words you are using for your spell.

You may think you need to use a spell someone else has written, but using your own words can be much more powerful! You don’t have to be a writer or poet to write your own spell. Simply think about the outcome you are trying to create, and then write it clearly on a sheet of paper.

For example: “I focus the power of my intention on the creation of a better job, with higher pay, and fulfilling work. For the highest good of all concerned, and according to my will, so shall it be!”

You don’t have to get fancy, just say what you want with power and conviction in your voice, and you will begin attracting it.

When you are ready to begin your spell, cast a circle of energy to create a sacred space and keep out negativity. Then hold the candle gently in your hands and anoint it with the corresponding oil you are using.

For an “increasing spell” (to attract something or increase something), you will want to anoint the candle from the bottom, up to the top.

For “decreasing spells” (to banish or reduce something), you will want to anoint from the top of the candle, down to the bottom.

Then, still holding the candle in your hands, begin visualizing the outcome you wish to create. Don’t just picture it in your mind, but rather really get into the vision and feel the excitement and joy you will feel when your intention becomes reality. The more emotion and power you can infuse into the candle, the more power your spell will have.

During this “charging” process, you may find that your hands become warm. This is nothing to be concerned about; it is simply your energy flowing through your hands and into the candle, charging it with your intention.

Then light the candle and incense, and continue with the visualization process, infusing as much energy and emotion into your spell as you can.

You can also hold a crystal during this process, or sprinkle various herbs into the candle flame to further your intent. If possible, allow the candle to burn all the way down and extinguish on its own. If not, you can put it out and re-light it as many times as you wish until it is burned all the way down.

After your spell is finished, simply give thanks to the universe for the blessings that are on their way to you, close the circle, and wait for the magick to happen!

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