Make Your Own Manifestation Box

By | January 12, 2017

A manifestation box (also called “creation box,” “wish box,” or “intention box”) can be a powerful tool in creating the life you want! The idea is to place things in the box that you want to attract or manifest in your life.

Each time you do, you are sending an affirmation to the universe, and your intentions will begin to draw your desires.

Materials Needed:

-Plain wooden box (found at most craft stores)
-Water-based acrylic paints (any colors you choose)
-Paint brushes or sponges
-Fine powdered glitter (optional)
-Rub-on transfers (optional)
-Clear acrylic spray

How to Make Your Own Manifestation box:

Manifestation BoxBuy a plain wooden box at a local craft store. These boxes are inexpensive and come in different sizes, shapes and styles. If there are rough edges, first sand the box until it’s smooth.

Then paint the box any colors you like, and decorate with words, images, rub-on transfers, or stickers. You could also decoupage favorite photos, magazine photos, or patterns using scrapbook paper.

The box above was painted a deep plum color with faint smears of black to add depth. On the cover is a shooting star and the word, “Manifest.”

The text along the bottom four sides of the box read, “Ask – Believe – Let Go – Receive” to correspond with the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Gold paint was speckled over the box also, to resemble stardust. The inside of the box was painted flat black to give it a velvety look.

How to Use a Manifestation box:

Manifestation Box ContentsA manifestation box is used to attract certain things into your life. In order to do this, you need to place a representation of what you want into the box.

Magazine pictures, photographs, or even written requests all work nicely! You can also use symbolic images, such as a dollar bill to attract more money (we found a printable million-dollar bill online), or sesame seeds to attract more success.

Another great tool to use along with your manifestation box is something called, “scripting.” A “script” is a written account of a future event, except you write it as if it were happening now.

For example, you could write, “Things are going so great here! Our business is thriving and we have money coming in from all directions. So much so that we are finally having our dream house built. It’s gorgeous, with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and it sits on 10 acres of land…”

Really get into the details of how you want your life to be, but write it in the present tense. Put lots of emotion and excitement into it.

Then place the scripts in your manifestation box. Every day, open the box and look through the items in it. Infuse each one with passion and power, and you will begin attracting them into your life.

Create Your Own Wish Box:

Wish BoxA wish box can be used just like a manifestation box. Follow the same instructions as above for creating your wish box, and get creative with it.

This one was painted a beautiful fuchsia color with yellow and aqua accents. The text on the outside of the box reads, “Wish I May, Wish I Might,” and inside the cover is the word, “Wish.”

On the outside of the cover is a decorative star, along with smaller “speckles” of stars in the distance. Around the outside of the container are more stars, and more speckles!

You can either write out your wishes and place them in the box, or use symbolic images like with the manifestation box above.

Or do as the creator of this box did after a particularly stressful day — she simply opened the box and spoke her wishes into it, then closed the box and let the universe take care of the rest. She said she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. 🙂

Wish Box

Make Your Own Intention Box:

Intentions BoxAn intention box is along the same lines with the manifestation and wish boxes above. This one is a neat rounded box we fell in love with at the craft store.

We painted it a deep green color on the outside, and fuchsia on the inside. On the cover we painted a yellow sun design with red accents and the word, “Intentions.” Inside, on the bottom of the box are the words, “So Mote It Be.”

You could use this type of box just like the manifestation and wish boxes above, or you can set a specific intention for each day, write it on a slip of paper and place it in the box.

Another alternative is to write up a bunch of simple intentions to keep in the box, and draw one from the box randomly each day. Then make an effort to remember that intention and incorporate it into your life all day.

Some good intentions would be:
I see the blessing in every experience.
I attract abundance in all forms.
I am confident and powerful.
I choose to be happy.
My beauty radiates out for all to see.

Basically, any kind of intention you want to set for yourself. Have fun with it.

Intentions Box

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