Casting a Circle of Energy for Magickal Work

By | January 12, 2017

Casting a circle of energy is a good idea when undertaking any spiritual or magickal work.

The circle serves two purposes: first, it creates a sacred space between the physical and spiritual worlds that allows you to harness the power of both; and secondly, it creates a barrier of protective energy that will keep out negative energies and entities.

It’s important to understand that any kind of magickal work, divination, or spiritual pursuits are actually opening your energy to the spiritual realm, which can have harmful consequences if you don’t take precautions.

Think of it like this: would you go walking alone down a dark street at night in a bad area of town, with no means of protecting yourself? Of course not. But thugs don’t exist only in the physical realm, they also exist in the spiritual realm, lurking close to the earth plane and just waiting for an opportunity to come in and cause trouble. Think of your circle as a barrier that prevents those opportunities from arising.

Casting a circle of energy is very simple. Once you have all the materials for your spell or magickal work gathered together, simply stand in the center of the area you wish to cast your circle.

Face north if possible, close your eyes, and hold your wand in your dominant hand (right hand if you are right-handed, left hand if you are left-handed), or you can use your bare hand if you don’t have a wand. Hold the wand (or your hand) out at arm’s length, and begin turning slowly in a clockwise direction (east), envisioning brilliant white light flowing out to form a sphere around you.

Make it big enough to work in, at least 6 feet in diameter or so, continuing to turn slowly until you are once again facing north.

You can also meditate your circle into being, by sitting quietly and visualizing a powerful sphere of white light forming around you. Keep focusing until you can feel the power of the circle surrounding you, and you may also wish to affirm, “I am encased in a sphere of protective light.”

Then proceed with your magickal workings. You may notice that you feel very warm and energized while in a circle of energy. This is completely normal! Remember that you are surrounded by a sphere of crackling energy. This can make you feel warm, tingly, giddy, or even heighten your spiritual awareness.

When you are done with your witchcraft spell, divination, or magickal workings, you will need to close the circle. In essence, you will be “un-casting” it.

Stand in the center facing north again, and hold your wand in your non-dominant hand (left hand if you are right-handed, right hand if you are left-handed). Begin turning in a counterclockwise direction (west), and visualize the energy from the circle flowing back into you.

You can also state your intentions aloud, such as, “I recall my energy and close this circle. I ask that only beings of the light be allowed to remain, and I cast out all negativity.”

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