Cast a Circle of Energy

By | January 11, 2017

To cast a circle of energy, be sure first that you have all of your supplies for the spell or ritual inside the area of the circle. You cannot leave the space once the circle is cast without breaking the circle, then re-casting it.

(“Breaking” the circle is a point of contention among many Wiccans. Some believe that a circle is “broken” when a living body – human or animal – walks through the perimeter, disrupting the energy. Others believe that it doesn’t matter much either way. I personally have cats that seem to take pleasure in walking through the “walls” of my circles. 🙂 I believe that when this happens (whether it’s our children, spouses or pets that “break” the circle), we can “patch” the circle, rather than having to recast it all over again.)

To patch the circle, simply use your projective hand to place a new “patch” of white-light energy in the spot that was just disrupted by your spouse/child/pet. (see below for further explanation)

Some witches use a wand to cast the circle. The wand can be made of just about anything. My sister-in-law uses a length of amethyst crystal, and I use either a twisted, carved branch from a tree, or sometimes just my bare hand. A natural material is usually best, but it’s up to you.

Stand in the center of where your circle will be, facing your altar (North). Hold the wand in your right (projective) hand. (NOTE: if you are right-handed, your right hand is your “projective” hand. If you are left-handed, your left hand is your “projective” hand. If you are not using a wand and are just using your projective hand to cast the circle, hold out that hand, arm straight and palm raised perpendicular to the ground, as if in a “stop” motion – i.e. palm facing outward.

Begin to turn slowly clockwise (East) in a circle, visualizing bright white energy flowing from you, through your hand (and wand if using one) out into the room. Turn in a complete circle until you are facing North again, creating a circle of powerful, protective white light. See this powerful circle of light surrounding you with protection.

Say aloud, “With the casting of this circle, I invite Goddess and God to my spell/ritual and ask that I be protected from all negative influences. I ask that ONLY spirits of the Light be allowed to attend, and that only POSITIVE energies be allowed to participate.” Once completing the circle, I often raise my right (projective) hand (with wand if using one) from the right side of the circle up in an arc (overhead) to the left side. Then from the left side down in an arc (underfoot); back to the right side of the circle, creating a complete sphere of light. Be sure to make the circle large enough to work within comfortably. You don’t want to be cramped into a three or four foot area with no space to move around.

Some witches get very technical with the circle casting and insist on having it exactly nine or twelve feet in diameter, sometimes even using stones or a length of string to measure the distance. I personally don’t think it has to be any particular size, and often there isn’t room to cast such a large circle (at least in my small apartment there isn’t).

Most often I cast my circles six or seven feet around, or sometimes I just cast them to encompass the entire room I’m in, as long as I can be sure that no one else in the house will need to enter the room, thereby breaking my circle. (When doing spells or rituals, I often do them when my husband isn’t home, or if he is home, I tell him what I’m doing and ask that he please not disturb me.

My cats however, seem to have minds of their own and love to “break” my circles. 🙂 If they do, I just apply a patch, as described above. Some Witches are lucky enough to have a special “magickal room” in their homes, a room devoted only to magickal pursuits; but for the rest of us, we have to make do with what we have. 🙂

Once your circle is cast, you will most likely feel a tingly, warm energy surrounding you. Sometimes this warmth is so intense that you’ll end up needing to remove some clothing. It can get quite warm inside a circle (no matter what the temperature originally was in the room you’re performing your spell/ritual in – or even if you’re casting your circle outside), so make it a point to dress lightly (or do your rituals/spells skyclad – naked). Nudity in spells/rituals is much more common than you might think, and there is nothing “dirty” or “wrong” about it. It is simply a way of coming to God/dess without defenses, coming to them as a child would, pure and innocent, in our natural form.

Do not be surprised if you sense someone watching you from the outside of the circle. You have created a sphere of energy that hangs halfway between the physical and spiritual worlds, and any spiritual beings who happen to be passing by may be drawn to your circle, mostly out of curiosity. There is no need to be afraid of this. They cannot come within your circle. Most of them will just watch for a few moments, then leave. Do not be afraid, they mean you no harm.

After completing your spell or ritual, you need to uncast the circle. First and foremost, always thank God and Goddess for their participation and protection, and invite them to come again. If you have called the Quarters, or the Four Elements, you need to dismiss them, being sure to thank them for their participation and protection, and ask that they attend your next ritual. Respect is paramount here. Remember that you are not in charge of these elements or God/Goddess. They come because you request their presence, and it is very important when dismissing them to be grateful for their participation.

Facing North, with your left hand, (whichever hand is your “receptive” hand – if you are left-handed, use your right hand. If you are right-handed, use your left hand.) and wand if applicable, start drawing the energy of the circle back into yourself, moving in a counter-clockwise direction (West). Say aloud firmly, “I draw the energy of the circle back into myself, and ask that only forces of goodness and light be allowed to remain. I banish all negativity.”

Your circle is now undone.

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