Tarot Reversals

By | January 11, 2017

Tarot reversals are when some cards in the spread come out upside down. You are not obligated to use reversed cards in your readings, and if you prefer not to, simply keep all your cards facing in the same direction when you shuffle.

However, many readers feel that reversed cards provide a much richer reading because of the multitude of possible interpretations they can bring.

There is no “one set way” to read reversed cards.

Some readers consider them to mean the exact opposite of the upright meaning.

For example, in the example below, the Six of Pentacles card is reversed. In its upright interpretation, it usually means sharing, giving, receiving, and allowing the flow of prosperity in your life.

The opposite meaning of that would be clinging, stinginess, refusal to let go, etc.

Tarot Reversals and Helpful Information

Another option is to let the card retain its upright meaning, but consider that it indicates a blockage or lessening of the strength of the card.

In that case, the card could indicate that you are generous, but yet have a fear of lack, or worry about money all the time. Or you have trouble sharing yourself or trusting others.

I don’t think you have to stick with one particular method to have accurate readings. Let your intuition guide you. As you look at the cards in the reading, tune in with your inner knowing.

What do the cards say to you? How do they relate to the other cards in the spread? Are there a lot of reversed cards in the spread? If so, it could indicate that the person has a lot of obstacles or blockages they are trying to work through — but it could also mean that they themselves are causing them.

Pay attention to the more subtle feelings you get from the cards, both reversed and upright. There will be clues to lead you.

Tarot Suit Interpretations

The “suits” of the cards can also give clues as to what the cards in a reading indicate. Each suit also represents a season, which can come in handy if you want to ask timeline questions (like how long will it be until such-and-such happens). But keep in mind that timelines can be difficult to predict and often are not exact.

There are differing opinions on what each suit means, but I will share one example here.

Swords – Typically refers to intellect and thoughts. (Season: Autumn)
Staffs (or Wands, Staves) – Action, creativity and energy. (Season: Spring)
Cups – Emotions, intuition, psychic insight. (Season: Summer)
Pentacles (or Discs, Coins) – Financial matters, career, work. (Season: Winter)

Pay attention to the majority of the cards in your readings. If you see a lot of one particular suit, it could point to prominent influences in the person’s life. Likewise if they have a lot of Major Arcana cards, it could indicate some bigger life issues they are dealing with.

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