Sample Tarot Readings

By | January 11, 2017

Tarot relies heavily on symbols and the previously assigned meanings of individual cards. However, your intuition will come strongly into play also. The easiest way to learn the card meanings is to memorize them, and then keep using them daily so the symbols will remain fresh in your memory.

As you get more familiar with your deck and do many readings, you will notice that your intuition speaks to you. You will have a feeling that a certain card reveals something other than what the “known” meaning typically is.

You may also notice relationships between certain cards, which give them a new meaning when combined. You can foster this by paying attention to your inner sense as you look at the cards in a spread. Do any jump out at you? Do two or more cards seem to have a connection with each other?

(see below for readings that demonstrate these techniques.)

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Here is a short reading I did for myself:

Question: Am I on the right career path at this stage of my life?

Past: The Sun, reversed. Lack of accomplishment and success, blockages, struggles.

Present: Five of Pentacles, reversed. Emptiness, financial lack, lack of positive results.

Future: Ace of Pentacles. Perfect combination of spiritual and material riches. Success and bliss.

Summary: Using placements for Past, Present and Future together can help give me perspective about my career, comparing where I was, where I am now, and where I’d like to be.

According to this reading, the Past and Present have involved a lot of obstacles and struggles (very true), but the near future (usually the next three to six months) indicate much success. According to the cards, I would say the answer is yes, I am on the right career path at this stage of my life, even though I’m still not seeing the progress I’d like to.

Even though the first two cards indicate negative situations, the Future card indicates that it WILL eventually lead to success.

Sample Tarot Reading

You can also design custom spreads for very specific situations in your life.


Question: Would it be a good thing for me to move to a new state in the next 6 months?

Position 1: Present Situation – The World – Great success and accomplishment, being the best version of yourself.

Position 2: Things to Be Aware of – The Fool – A new start, the beginning of a journey, innocence and releasing the burdens of the past.

Position 3: Inner Blockages – Three of Cups – Celebration, ambitions are realized, value the journey, not the material rewards.

Position 4: Outer Blockages – Ace of Pentacles – Happiness, health, love, creativity, success.

Position 5: Future Outlook – Ten of Swords – Misfortune, ruin, desolation, despair, great changes.

The last card in the reading sure doesn’t seem to fit with the others, does it?! When this happens, I always ask for clarification and draw another card.

What else do I need to know about the future outlook?

Three of Pentacles, reversed: Lack of opportunities, trouble getting started, trying to rush the process.

From this card, I would say that moving would be a good idea, but not quite YET. The Three of Pentacles, reversed card made the card from Position 5 much clearer. This reading seems to be indicating a timing issue, not necessarily warning against a wrong move.

Again, I rely heavily on my intuition to discern this information, and you should do the same in your own readings. Keep asking for clarification when you need to, as many times as necessary to get a clear picture of the messages you are being given.

Do you see how these cards all work together to tell a story? Each individual card can have so many meanings, but combined with all the other cards in the spread, they can have even more possible interpretations. The more readings you do, the better you will get at seeing connections between the cards. Always go with your gut feeling. 🙂

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