Exercises to Learn Tarot More Quickly

By | January 11, 2017

– Give yourself a reading every day. Each morning, shuffle the cards and pick the top card from the deck. Study it and memorize its meaning. Watch for signs of the characteristics of this card throughout your day. See them and record them for future reference.

– Before you know all the meanings of the cards, give yourself a reading, going only on intuition. (see below for a sample spread) Do not look up the meanings of each card. Rather, try to discern by the appearance and symbolism of each card, what it means, and how it relates to you and your life. Record these insights, and write them down. Then go back and check the known meanings of each card, and see how accurate you were.

Do not despair if you were not correct with the card meanings. Instead, ask yourself this question: “Were my intuitive insights accurate as they pertain to my life? Overall, did this reading give me some insight into my path, my life and my goals?”

If your answer is yes, then you have some real intuitive ability. If your answer is no, do not despair. Tarot, like anything, takes time and practice to learn. Most people do not learn it overnight. Keep working at it, and you WILL learn it.

– Design your own spreads. Study generally used spreads, then using those as a base, create your own with placements that mean something to YOU. This will help you immeasurably, simply because it will be easier for you to remember which category means what.

I’ve designed a few spreads, which I hope to put on here one of these days, but for now, here is a general 10-card spread (Author Unknown).

General 10-card Spread

Shuffle the cards. Place the deck facedown on the table. Pick the top card, and place it face up in position one. Pick the next card, and place it face up in position two. Keep going until you have all ten cards face up on the table. Here are the meanings of the positions:

(P.S. “Seeker” refers to the person the reading is being done for, whether it’s yourself or someone else.)

Position 1: Present – This card symbolizes the seeker’s present position in life. May indicate life circumstances, or something that has been on the seeker’s mind lately. This card can also symbolize the Seeker himself/herself, or a prominent person in his/her life.

Position 2: Immediate Influences – Shows the sphere of influences or obstacles that lie just ahead in the immediate future for the seeker.

Position 3: Goal or Destiny – This shows the ultimate goal or destiny of the seeker, their true desire. May also represent the best that they can accomplish considering their present circumstances. Frequently shows obstacles or situations that are KEEPING the seeker from attaining their ultimate goal.

Position 4: Distant Past – The influences and situations which existed in the seeker’s past, usually their childhood, upon which current circumstances are based.

Position 5: Recent Past – Most recent circumstances in the seeker’s life. This can include events and circumstances up to the past few years of the seeker’s life.

Position 6: Future Influences – The influences that are coming into being in the near future in the seeker’s life. The situations soon to be entering the seeker’s life, if the current direction of events continues as it is.

Position 7: The Seeker – This card symbolizes the seeker’s present position or attitude in their current circumstances.

Position 8: Surrounding Influences – This shows the environmental influences currently in the seeker’s life. This may include people in the seeker’s life that may have an effect on him/her, as well as people and situations the seeker may have an effect upon.

Position 9: Hidden Hopes and Fears – The hidden desires and fears of the seeker. This includes fears and desires that have not yet manifested consciously, but will in the near future.

Position 10: Final Outcome – The final results of the current situations, if circumstances continue as they are.

Tarot, like anything else, gets easier the more you do it. Keep practicing! Give readings to family members and friends. Do lots of readings for yourself. Practice, practice, practice. And have fun. 🙂

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