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Tarot Reversals

Tarot reversals are when some cards in the spread come out upside down. You are not obligated to use reversed cards in your readings, and if you prefer not to, simply keep all your cards facing in the same direction when you shuffle. However, many readers feel that reversed cards provide a much richer reading because of the… Read More »

Exercises to Learn Tarot More Quickly

– Give yourself a reading every day. Each morning, shuffle the cards and pick the top card from the deck. Study it and memorize its meaning. Watch for signs of the characteristics of this card throughout your day. See them and record them for future reference. – Before you know all the meanings of the cards, give yourself… Read More »

Sample Tarot Readings

Tarot relies heavily on symbols and the previously assigned meanings of individual cards. However, your intuition will come strongly into play also. The easiest way to learn the card meanings is to memorize them, and then keep using them daily so the symbols will remain fresh in your memory. As you get more familiar with your deck and… Read More »

Buying Your First Tarot Deck

You should choose a deck that really “calls” to you, rather than just going with the first deck you see. Search out sites on the net, browse New Age stores, and look through catalogs to find your perfect deck. When you see it, you will know it, and it will be perfect for you. When I found my… Read More »

Tarot for Beginners

Tarot is an ancient system of symbols that has been used for many centuries. The symbols all correspond to specific characteristics of our conscious and unconscious minds, as well as specific phases of our lives (or sometimes they refer to key people in our lives). Tarot is a great tool we can use to gain guidance and insight… Read More »