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Make Your Own Scrying Mirror

We had a blast creating these adorable scrying mirrors, and you can too! Materials Needed: – Picture frame with glass, any size. (We used 5″ x 5″) – 1 can of high gloss black spray paint – Acrylic paints (any colors you choose) – Paint brushes or sponges – Fine powdered glitter (optional) – Rub-on transfers (optional) –… Read More »

Make Your Own Manifestation Box

A manifestation box (also called “creation box,” “wish box,” or “intention box”) can be a powerful tool in creating the life you want! The idea is to place things in the box that you want to attract or manifest in your life. Each time you do, you are sending an affirmation to the universe, and your intentions will… Read More »

Make Your Own Meditation Beads

Meditation beads are traditionally used to keep your thoughts focused during meditation. Allowing your fingers to move from bead to bead while reciting a mantra or affirmation, you can prevent scattered thoughts from intruding on your quiet time and generate massive power toward a focused goal at the same time. Materials Needed: – Wood, stone, or crystal beads… Read More »

Crafting Magickally

Welcome to Crafting Magickally! We no longer do these projects monthly – but we will add one now and again when we’re in the mood. 😉 Each column features a fun “magickal” craft project you can do at home. They will ALL be items you can use in your daily spiritual practices, which makes them not only fun,… Read More »