Spiritual and Physical Energy: Finding Balance

By | January 20, 2017

by Jeffry R. Palmer

How much energy do you spend each day on physical activities? How much energy is consumed each day with spiritual concerns? The body and the spirit rely on each other for support; one suffers if the other is neglected. Finding the right balance between physical energy and spiritual energy is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An overactive spiritual energy can cause physical weakness, lethargy and exhaustion as well as lower the body’s natural immunities to disease. While an overactive expenditure of physical energy can cause anxiety, stress, confusion and nervousness.

Try the following simple exercise to determine the difference in your levels of physical and spiritual energy expenditures.

Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Label the first column “Physical Energy” and the second column “Spiritual Energy”. In the first column write down all the physical activities that you take part in on a typical day, try to list as many activities as you can. Include things like carrying groceries, walking the dog, playing with the children. Begin with your morning routines and end with going to sleep.

Now, in the second column make a list of every type of spiritual activity that you perform in a typical day. This can include things like meditation, counseling and teaching your children, reading, creating, planning, prayer or any other activity that requires you to expend mental and spiritual energy. Creating this list may take a bit more thought and time than the first one. Think carefully about the activities in your life. Which activities truly utilize the strength of your spirit?

If you are like many people then you notice that you are spending the majority of your time performing physical tasks while neglecting to exercise your spiritual self. Just as common are the people who spend a lopsided amount of time and energy using mental or spiritual energy while the physical self is neglected. Try to evaluate the disparity in energy levels between the two types. Are you perhaps spending eighty percent of your time on physical activities and twenty on spiritual ones? Create a list of possible ways to find more balance in your energy levels and incorporate these things into your daily routine. Seeking a balance between spiritual and physical activities and energies will result in an improvement of both aspects of your health and wellbeing.

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