Spiritual Crisis: Dark Night of the Soul

By | January 20, 2017

Have you been struggling a lot lately? Feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, depressed, hopeless, confused? Have you been having health issues like flus, colds, headaches, and restlessness?

Are you having relationship difficulties, and everything seems to be going wrong no matter what you do? Are you having strange, vivid dreams that you can’t remember much of the next morning? You are not alone.

You would not believe the number of letters I’m receiving from people going through the same types of issues.

It’s almost as if someone put our world into a shaker and gave us a good rattling around. This has awakened things in us that are difficult to understand.

Through my meditations, I have learned that this is not an accident. Many of you are being “awakened” right now for a reason. Our world is going through some major changes (mostly on a spiritual level, but also physically – just look at the number of earthquakes and strange weather occurrences lately). As the earth changes, so must we.

We are being awakened and enlightened so that we can better help ourselves, others and the world in general.

The most common question I keep seeing is, “Why am I here?”.

So many people are taking a look around at their lives and realizing that they’re not following their true path. This can be quite depressing and disconcerting. You may have spent years building what you have now, only to realize suddenly that it doesn’t suit you anymore.

You feel dissatisfied and confused about what you’re really supposed to be doing here on earth. Many are feeling a nagging sense that they have untapped talents and abilities, but they’re not sure how to figure out what those are exactly, and what to do with them when they find them.

You are not feeling these things by coincidence. You are meant to be feeling them, because it is the Universe’s way of expressing that you have a new assignment. That doesn’t mean you’ve been following the “wrong” path all these years, not at all.

Rather, the path you chose years ago served you at that time in your life. But it no longer serves you. You have stretched and grown, learned and developed. You are being encouraged to find your new path now.

You do have a purpose here on earth. Believe that. You would not be here if you didn’t. Your job now is to figure out what that purpose is. It’s not as difficult as you’d think. Right now you may be feeling confused and unsure of yourself. But the truth will make itself known if you take time to listen for it.

The best and quickest way to figure out your purpose is to take a break from everything not absolutely necessary in your life. Eliminate extra activities as much as possible, and instead spend time resting, reading, writing in a journal and meditating. You need to quiet down in order to hear that still, small voice. Too many of us spend our days rushing around, surrounded by noise and chaos. No wonder we can’t hear our angels and guides whispering to us. We need to turn the volume down. 🙂

What have you always been good at? Think about your greatest skills and strengths, and write them down. Do any of them resonate with you as being the reason you’re here?

Think about your childhood dreams. What did you want to be when you grew up? Make a list of your deepest passions in life. What activities thrill you right down to your bones? One or more of these may be your purpose. Only you can say if they are, or not. You will feel it in your gut if it’s right.

Finally, ask for help. Pray for a sign. Ask for divine guidance in finding yourself. “They” will respond. Remember, they want to help you, if you will only ask. Then keep your eyes and ears open for divine inspiration. It will strike when you least expect it.

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself.

Too many of us feel we have to push ourselves harder and harder when things are going wrong. We keep feeling like we can “fix it” somehow.

Rather than trying to fix it, embrace it. Accept and allow your feelings, for they are legitimate, and they are occurring for a reason. When your best friend is struggling and hurting, what do you do? You comfort her, you listen to her, you encourage her.

Do that for yourself. Give yourself the gift of comfort, understanding and support.

Remember that this too shall pass, and what is left in its wake will be more glorious than you can imagine.

In this age of chaos and uncertainty, many are being awakened in their roles as Healers. These bright souls are needed now more than ever. They are here to serve humanity and help others grow, learn and heal from past pain and trauma, so we can move forward unburdened.

You may be one of these awakening Healers if you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, on a profound level.

Do you feel great compassion for people, animals, or both? Do you have a desire to help others, lead them, guide them, inspire them, uplift them, heal them?

If this describes you, you may be one of these great Healers awakening now.

Maybe the idea of being a “healer” doesn’t appeal to you. Maybe you’re thinking, “But I have no medical training, and have no desire work in that field.”

Ah, but who said “healing” has to be on a physical level only? If you have no desire to be a medical professional, then you’re not meant to be one.

Healing can take many forms.

Perhaps your passion is art, or writing, or singing. Perhaps you are a gardener, architect, makeup artist, hairstylist, or a comedian. Your talents themselves are not as important as what you choose to do with them.

If you use your abilities to help others, in any form, you are a Healer. You are here to help others on some level. Help them to learn, grow, heal, laugh and stretch beyond their comfort zones. Help them to live better, fuller lives.

If this describes you, acknowledge what an amazing gift you have been given. Take some time to think about how to best use your abilities to help others, and then do so with joy and abandon.

Everything you create is infused with your energy. Create works of love, light and joy, and spread them throughout the world. The number of lives you’ll touch will astound you.

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