Simple Tips for Increasing Your Psychic Awareness

By | January 20, 2017

by Jeffry R. Palmer

In my psychic development course, I focus mainly on mental exercises and meditation techniques which quickly help to increase psychic abilities. The following article outlines some simple and practical ideas which will help to increase your intuitive abilities as well as nurture your spiritual self.

Turn off the television. Designate at least one day of the week as a media free day. Keep the radio off and skip reading the evening newspaper, ignore magazines and other forms of advertising. Limit your exposure to mass media as much as possible. This will greatly help to reduce the background chatter of the conscious mind. Communicating with the intuitive mind is all about quieting the conscious or upper mind. You may be very surprised to learn just how much your intuitive mind is suppressed by a constant bombardment of media and information. In fact most advertising is designed specifically to grab your attention and appeal to your outer senses. It may even be argued that some advertising is designed to inhibit the intuitive mind directly.

Keep a journal. Spend a few minutes each day jotting down whatever ideas or thoughts come to you. These can be words, sentences, doodles, whatever happens to enter your mind. This information doesn’t have to make sense; it doesn’t have to follow any particular pattern. Simply write what comes to you, no matter how random or unintelligible it may seem. The point here is to establish a channel of communication with the intuitive mind. With time, as the connection to the intuitive mind is strengthened, the information that you record will begin to make more sense.

Most of us are in a constant state of over stimulation. The intuitive mind usually cannot be heard properly above the dull roar of daily activity. Create an environment that is designed to encourage the intuitive self to communicate more freely. Surround yourself with natural colors and materials. Reduce the amount of plastic and other synthetic materials in your living areas. Sooth your senses with any items that provide a calming effect, such as incense, music and comfortable clothing.

Set aside a certain amount of time each week to focus on meditation and periods of relaxed awareness. Spend time simply listening to the sounds of your environment. Try to pinpoint as many different sounds as you can within a ten to twenty minute period. Begin by closing your eyes and focusing your awareness on your own breathing and the sound of the air as it enters and leaves your body. Expand your awareness outward and focus on the sounds within close range. You may notice things like your refrigerator humming in the kitchen, water pipes, air conditioning units and other common household noises.

Attempt to isolate as many sounds as possible, also attempt to determine the location of the noises and their distance from you. Expand your awareness outwards once again to focus on noises that may be heard outside of your dwelling. Birds, neighborhood pets, cars, distant highway traffic all of these things and many others may be noticed at this time. Notice the variations, timings, directions and patterns of the noises within your environment. Again, try to isolate as many different sounds as you can. Now expand your awareness outwards again. You may begin to notice very distant sounds at this time such as passing airplanes and distant factory noises. This depends on your location; you may also notice noises which have no easy explanation or description, things like very low hums or vibrations, rhythmic tapping or other odd noises. Again make the attempt to isolate as many sounds as you can and try to gauge the physical direction that these sounds are coming from as well as their distance. End this exercise by quickly shifting your awareness back to your own breathing.

These simple yet effective tips for increasing your psychic awareness can easily be incorporated into your life’s schedule. Remember, that as the avenues of communication with the intuitive mind are widened, the clarity, detail and quantity of the messages received form the inner mind will increase.

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