MD: Metaphysical Denial is Curable

By | January 20, 2017

by Helene Rothschild

“But I don’t get the information you do, Helene,” exclaimed frustrated Michael. I looked at him and replied, “Michael I think that you are suffering from MD, Metaphysical Denial.” His smile let me know that he knew what I was talking about. Michael was intuitive but he was discounting or not trusting the information he received.

Do you know anyone suffering from MD? Are you possibly struggling with this condition? The symptoms can be fear, confusion, depression, powerlessness and lack of control of your life.

If you would like to feel more love, clarity, joy, peaceful powerful and in the driver’s seat, consider opening up to more information about this curable condition.

The way I explain the phenomenon of metaphysics is simply “above the physical,” since the prefix “meta” means above or beyond. Therefore, it is a concept that the logical mind has a lot of difficulty with because it cannot prove it is real with the five senses (smell, taste, touch, seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears). However, the mind accepts electricity and radio waves even though it cannot prove it is there until it has an instrument like a radio to ground it on the physical plane.

People inflicted with Metaphysical Denial are blocking the idea that they themselves are “advanced instruments”; a station or channel to transmit energy waves and information that are coming from above. In a sense we are conduits of energy and we are always connected, “plugged in”. However, we do have the ability with our fear based blocks to shut down the “station;” to be “out of order.” Therefore, these individuals’ lives are often also “out of order.”

What does this mean? Imagine that you are trying to land your airplane on a very foggy day. Your eyes can’t see the runway but you are receiving the information that you need from pilot control concerning the weather, wind, air traffic, etc. With this data you know how to guide your plane to land smoothly and safely. However, if you aren’t listening to this information, you are probably feeling very frightened because you have to land with no guidance. It is very likely that you will crash or have a very rough landing. Similarly, if you don’t listen to the important insights from your intuition, it is like living in a fog without any guidance. You often wonder why you keep “crashing,” or things aren’t going right.

Intuition, your sixth sense, is always offering you invaluable data. It is your internal instrument that receives information all the time. It is an insight or understanding that you spontaneously receive without any conscious reasoning. Everyone has been born with intuitive abilities and receives this metaphysical information in at least one of the four following ways: a gut feeling which is known as clairsentience; you hear things in your head, clairaudience; you see things in your third eye (center of the forehead), clairvoyance; or you receive pure information, mental telepathy.

These invaluable data systems can save your life, prevent you from going into a dangerous situation, help you make the appropriate decisions in your relationships, business or career. In fact, there are no limits to what you can gain from your intuition because it is not something you learn in school or through a book. It is free, unlimited consulting advice that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. People who are open to their intuition are often very grateful for their internal wisdom.

For example, Dan received an intuitive message to take a later train. Fortunately, he listened and bought another ticket. Later, he found out that his earlier scheduled train crashed into another and many people were killed.

Cindy was listening to Janet’s wonderful business adventure. Even though her gut feeling told her that the ambitious woman was not able to carry it through, Cindy supported it because it sounded so good. Sure enough six months later, the organization fell through after Cindy had invested her time, energy and money. From that moment on, she decided to always listen to her wise intuition.

Kate was at the movie theater and in the middle of the picture she had a feeling that she had to go right home. Fortunately, she listened and left immediately. When she arrived home, she discovered her teen-age son had been hit by a bat during baseball practice.

Many people think about a person and then receive a phone call or letter from them. In some metaphysical way, they were picking up their energy.

Why do people ignore or block their inner guidance? I think it is because our society emphasizes our logical minds and often discounts our intuition and feelings. In fact, children are often very intuitive because it is their natural state. However, many times the adults in their life discourage their metaphysical experiences because they have blocked their own. It is likely that as a child they were also looked at as weird or told they were crazy or different if they had expressed their intuitive messages. How unfortunate it is that we make such a wonderful, natural gift, an asset, into a liability. Our teachers are trained to reinforce these blocks by focusing on trusting the mind, logical thinking, and not the sixth sense, intuition.

Sometimes people say to me, “Can you prove it? I only believe what I can see with my five senses.” I ask these people if they can prove that there is a God. Of course they can’t because it is a metaphysical experience. I also respond by saying, “Being a believer is working for me in my life. Is being a skeptic working for you?” I value my intuition greatly because it keeps me safe, and helps me make many decisions. Then I use my logical mind to carry out those wise choices.

As a therapist, I avoid giving people answers. Instead I assist them to tap into their own inner wisdom. My goal is to empower clients, to help them realize that they are very wise and have all the answers as well as the questions. It is such a joy to see people become clearer and feel more confident that they are not walking in a fog; that they can tune inside themselves and know their truths.

I often hear, “Thanks Helene for helping me to open up to my inner wisdom, and for having a much broader view of life and all that happens.” Then I feel grateful that there is another person in the world who has overcome their MD condition and is appreciating and honoring their invaluable intuition.

Copyright 2006 by Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, a Marriage, Family Therapist, intuitive counselor, author, and speaker. Her newest book, “All You Need Is HART! Create Love, Joy and Abundance- Now!” A unique guide to Holistic And Rapid Transformation, is a manual for life and helps people to “love themselves to peace.” She offers telephone sessions, classes, teleclasses books, e-books, MP3 audios, and a free newsletter., 1-888-639-6390.

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