Spiritual FAQ: Spiritual Sensitivity

By | January 20, 2017

A writes: “I have in the past occasionally heard voices (which I have never denied). I’ve always had strong intuition about people and places and I dream a lot. In the last few months I have been overwhelmed. I am over stimulated in social situations to the point on certain days I don’t want to leave the house or talk to anyone. I bought a book about being sensitive. I thought maybe that would help, but I couldn’t read the book. I experienced everything described in that book plus more.” – A

Answer: This is actually very common with those who have a strong psychic ability, and it can be downright unbearable at times.

One thing I’ve found to be helpful is spiritual shielding. Before you go out anywhere (or even as a regular daily practice if you’re staying home), visualize yourself being surrounded by a shield of powerful light. You can make the light any color you wish; I usually use brilliant white for protection, or soft blue for peace, or you can even use a shiny, mirrored finish on the outside to deflect negative energy.

However, I always make a point to ask my guides to let in the impressions I need, such as warnings about certain people or places.

Even though it’s uncomfortable to be so open, it’s also not good to completely shut our sixth sense down! So ask your spiritual guides (or God) to please allow the information you truly need to know, but block out everything unnecessary.

Another helpful technique is grounding. One of the difficulties of spiritually sensitive types is the accumulation of too much energy in our bodies. We pick up energy from everyone and everything, which only adds to the burden, making us feel weighed down and sluggish, or hyper and overstimulated.

Grounding is one good way to take care of this, because it releases the excess energy back into the earth. There are a few different ways to do this:

  • Go outside to a place where you can stand barefoot on the earth. Try to avoid asphalt and concrete and instead choose a patch of dirt or grass. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, raise your face to the sky, and imagine a current of white light coming down from the sky, through the top of your head, down your spine, and straight into the earth (or down your legs and then into the earth). Imagine this energy “cleaning” the energy pathways in your body, carrying any excess energy down into the earth.
  • Another option is to take a shower. A friend of mine swears by this method, and he tends to accumulate a lot of energy. As soon as he takes a shower, he feels balanced again. If you want to enhance the experience, visualize the water cleansing your aura as well as your body, carrying the excess energy down the drain and back to the earth.
  • If circumstances prevent you from showering or getting outside, you can use the same technique, but mentally. Sit in a quiet, comfortable spot with your feet flat on the floor. See a current of white or golden light coming down from the heavens, into the top of your head, down your spine, down through the building you are in, and into the earth. It works just as well as the other two methods, but it may take practice if you’re not used to visualizing mentally.

Overall, I don’t think there is any way to totally shut down this sensitivity. If your psychic abilities are strong, you will receive impressions no matter what you do.

However, I do think it’s possible to ease our sensitivity a bit, and accept only that which we need to know.

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