Spiritual FAQ: Colors and Psychic Ability

By | January 20, 2017

A writes: “What follows happened over ten years ago. I laid down to go to sleep. No more than a couple of seconds later I felt a lovely sensation go through my body. My eyes were closed. I then saw what I called a screen. The colours red, blue yellow and green were converging toward the middle of the screen, as if they were paint being spilled toward the center from all sides.

I then saw the face of a middle-aged man whose head was thrown back as if it had just been punched. His face was then full-on and I could see something yellow-ish trickling down his nose. I was completely thrown by this as never have experienced anything like it. I consider myself to have claircognizance as I am one of those who always says, I don’t know how I know. I just do. Can you tell me anything about colours and psychic ability. Thanks.”

Answer: I loved reading this because I frequently experience strange stuff like that as my mind is winding down for the day, and I’ve heard from many others who have also!

First, I think sometimes the colors we see don’t have any meaning in particular. What you described with the colors merging and spilling toward the center of your vision might have been a way to get your attention, like the curtains being drawn back in a theater before the show begins.

There are many times when I close my eyes to go to sleep when I see all kinds of colors and patterns, shapes, faces, and random images. None of them seem to hold any meaning for me, so I just enjoy the show until I drift off. 🙂

Having said that, colors do sometimes stand as symbols in our psychic vision, and people who read auras can tell a lot about a person just by the colors that surround them.

The problem is that different colors usually mean different things to different people. I have general guidelines for what each color means to me, but others may feel differently.

Most importantly, I think you should develop guidelines for yourself, because then your guides will work within those parameters (usually) when they want to get a message across.

Here are the qualities I connect with various colors. Feel free to adopt these for your own use, or switch them around if another interpretation works better for you:

Red – passion, power, anger, lust, strength.
Pink – love, compassion, self-love, joy, gratitude.
Dark Blue – psychic ability, psychic vision, premonitions, prophetic dreams.
Light Blue – peace, tranquility, serenity, healing, kindness, psychic awareness.
Yellow – intelligence, mental clarity, alertness, open mind.
Orange – stimulation, action, energy, creativity, productivity.
Green – growth, knowledge, earth connection, vitality, health.
Violet – high spirituality, third-eye awareness, spiritual wisdom.
Purple – magickal ability, manifestation, creation, alchemy.
White – protection, angels, purity, spiritual clarity.
Silver – Goddess energy, lunar energy, star energy.
Gold – God energy, solar energy, planetary influences.
Black – protection, absorbs negativity, shielding, camouflage.
Brown – animal healing, earth healing, earth connection, tree wisdom.

Beyond the colors, there are a couple of possibilities for why you saw this vision.

First, it might be that you connected with a spirit that was trying to get a message across to you. He might have been showing you something that happened to him while he was alive, or he might have been using that demonstration in a symbolic way. Unfortunately, sometimes the symbols they use are vague and difficult to decipher!

Another possibility is that this wasn’t a spirit, and your own guides were giving you a message using the image of this man as an example.

It’s hard to say what the message was without knowing more about your situation at the time. Think about the things you were experiencing in your life at that time, any fears or difficulties you were going through. You might be able to find a connection somewhere in there.

If all else fails and you just can’t figure it out, asking your guides for clarification can be helpful.

Sometimes they use a symbol we *should* be able to get, but we’re distracted or confused by it. If you ask for clarification, they’ll try a different way to get the information across.

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