Scrying and Divination Techniques

By | January 11, 2017

Scrying is something I bet you’ve done without even realizing it – the beginning part of it anyway.

Scrying and Divination TechniquesHow many times have you watched the clouds drifting by in the sky, seeing faces and shapes in them? Have you ever stared blankly at a wall, ceiling, or floor and seen faces and shapes move across them?

That is scrying. (kind of) 😉 It means getting into a relaxed, meditative state and focusing on the shapes and symbols we see, and trying to interpret what meaning they may have for us.

Scrying is a form of divination, which means “fortelling the future,” but it is also a great tool to use for personal growth and guidance. Not just for the future, but for the present time, as well as the past.

You can find solutions to problems you are struggling with, learn more about your past lives, and of course, see glimpses of the future too. Scrying and divination are not just for witches and spiritual workers either, anyone can do it.

As with any form of divination, we are opening ourselves to Spirit, and it is always a wise choice to ask for protection from God, our angels or spirit guides before we begin. We cannot always control what comes through to us, but our spiritual protectors can. Surround yourself with white light and say a prayer of protection and guidance before scrying, or performing any magickal workings.

There are different methods of scrying, but all use the same basic technique:

Water scrying

Water scrying is done by filling a vessel with water, (a dark blue or black vessel works best) and gazing down into the bottom of the vessel, through the water. (Some prefer to gaze at the surface of the water, and probably either way works just as well.)

Crystal scrying

Crystal scrying is when you use a crystal ball or a scrying mirror. Crystal balls and scrying mirrors come in various colors and sizes. Some people choose to use a darker color like black or blue, some prefer clear quartz, or even a plain table or wall mirror. My opinion is that the tools are not nearly as important as developing your ability. The ball, water or mirror simply gives you a focal point. (see our instructions on how to make your own inexpensive scrying mirror!)

How to Scry

Scrying is incredibly easy to do, it just takes practice. The objective is to “see” things in the mirror, crystal ball or water. First dim the lights in the room, and light some candles and soothing incense. It’s best if there are no bright lights because you want your physical eyes to take a backseat to your psychic sight.

Take a few minutes to get into a relaxed, meditative state. Take some slow, deep breaths and release all tension from your body. When you feel calm and centered, focus on the mirror, crystal ball or container of water.

Don’t try to rush the process, stay very relaxed and keep your eyes slightly out of focus. Don’t strain or try to force it. Let your thoughts flow where they will. If you wish, you can also communicate with your spirit guides, ask them questions, and then watch for any images that appear.

You might not see anything the first few times you do this, but keep at it, you will eventually. The more you practice scrying and related psychic work, the more quickly you can get into that relaxed state and notice even subtle impressions.

Deciphering Symbols

If you did see images, write them down. In fact, it’s a great idea to keep a “Scrying Journal” or “Divination Journal” when you’re first getting started. It can help to keep records because the meaning of the symbols might become apparent later.

If you did ask your guides questions, jot them in your journal along with any images you saw. Do the images make any sense to you? Can they be applied to circumstances in your life? Even if you’re not sure on the “known” meaning of the symbols, you can still apply their characteristics to your own situation.

Here are a few examples:

Dog – dogs typically represent friendship and loyalty, or aggression (depending on whether the dog you saw was snarling or friendly). Does this refer to someone in your life, or the type of friend you are? Have you been “snapping” at people lately?

Car – All vehicles usually represent travel, movement and progress. Was the car/boat/train moving backward or forward? Backward might indicate blockages, as do crashes. Most likely, seeing a car crash does not mean you will be in a car crash. It could mean you are stuck, unable to move forward in a particular aspect of your life, or you feel out of control.

Rainbow – rainbows are typically seen as a sign of hope, joy, peace, blessings, or a new beginning. If you are going through a particularly rough period in your life, this could be a sign that things are going to get better soon.

Don’t take the symbols literally, because most often they are symbolic. Instead, think about the qualities of whatever you’re seeing.

What words would you use to describe each symbol? Can any of those words be applied to you or your life at this moment? If not, just write them down and see if they come clearer in time.

Psychic Sense

Also pay attention to your psychic sense as you scry. When you see an image, how does it feel? That can be a good indication of the intended meaning.

Don’t be afraid to ask your guides for help either. Tell them you don’t understand the meaning, and ask them to give you another symbol that you might understand more easily.

Other Forms of Divination

Tea leaf reading is very similar to scrying, except you are reading the remnants of tea leaves in the bottom of a cup. You pay attention to any symbols or shapes that appear in the leaves, and divine their meanings. Again, seeing a vehicle might mean travel; seeing a ring might mean an upcoming marriage, and so on.

You don’t have to limit yourself to tea leaves though, you can read just about anything that has pattern and texture to it. Carpet, stone, patterns of leaves in the trees, etc.

Practice as much as you can with as many methods as you can, and see how you progress.

Remember that scrying is a learned skill. Simply open yourself to the messages of Spirit that come through as symbolic images. They can appear almost anywhere. You just have to take time to notice them.

How to Make Your Own Scrying Mirror

A friend of mine heard about this technique somewhere, and I loved it!

Go to any store that sells picture frames (with the glass in it). The dollar store has quite a few. Get whatever size you want. Buy a can of “high gloss” black paint. Remove the glass and clean with windex. Spray one side of the glass and let dry for about 12 hours. Let it sit/lean on something.

After 12 hours have passed, spray on more high gloss black paint. Let dry another 10-12 hours and then place the glass back into the frame. You now have your very own black scrying mirror. You can spend under five dollars to make your own.

We made our own, and had a blast doing it. See our scrying mirrors here.

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