Triggering Between Psychic Senses

By | January 12, 2017

Your psychic senses can often work together just as your five physical senses do.

I call this “triggering”.

For example, when doing spirit communication work, I will most often sense a spirit first, and then I get a mental image of what the spirit “looks like” (or what they looked like in life). I might get a sense of age, hair color, stature or build, clothing or the type of person they are. I might even know certain information about them, such as things they’ve done, their name, etc.

In this type of case, what I feel (clairsentience) triggers what I see (clairvoyance), and even what I know (claircognizance).

Sometimes I’ll hear something (clairaudience) and get a feeling about it (clairsentience).

Or I might suddenly “know” something (claircognizance) and also have a bad “feeling” about it (clairsentience).

It takes practice to decipher exactly what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. Sometimes you won’t be able to tell what came first, the feeling or the knowing, the hearing or the seeing, the tasting or the smelling.

And it doesn’t really matter too much, as long as you’re getting the information you need. In time you’ll begin to gain a better understanding of how your own psychic senses work together. It’s different for everyone, so be patient as you learn to work with these skills.

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