Help for Sensitive Psychic Souls

By | January 12, 2017

Sometimes people who are too open psychically can find crowded places extremely painful and uncomfortable.

This especially applies to people who are strong in clairsentience, but it pertains to the other senses as well. In these situations, sensitives often feel bombarded with psychic impressions, emotions, thoughts and a flood of information from the people around them and even from the building they are in.

There are many methods of reducing this psychic “noise”. Experiment and find which one works best for you.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Close the reception areas

If you feel bombarded with unwanted information, focus on “closing” the areas related to specific psychic senses to shut out the information. Just like you visualized those areas opening during the psychic development exercises, visualize them closing now.

You could also visualize a shield of protective energy covering them, blocking out unwanted impressions. You may not need to do this with ALL of the reception areas, especially if you’re only strong in one or two psychic senses. If this applies to you, just focus on closing those that you’re strongest in.

“Zip up” a shield of protective energy

Visualize a big “pouch” of energy, like a sleeping bag. It can be any color you wish, whatever is most soothing to you. I usually use white, but that’s my preference.

Visualize yourself stepping into this pouch of energy, and pulling it up and around you. Pull it all the way over your head so you are completely encased in its protective warmth.

Then “zip” it up, just like a sleeping bag. You are now encased in a shield of energy. This works very well and I’ve used it many times myself.

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