The Dark Side of Psychic Ability

By | January 12, 2017

With psychic ability, we often get the “bad” along with the good.

When we develop our psychic senses, we are open to receiving all kinds of information, and this can include premonitions of upcoming events. This can be difficult, especially when we sense a loved one’s impending death or illness.

Sometimes we can do something about these events, and sometimes we cannot. I wish I could offer more helpful advice about this, but all I can say is, “use your best judgment”.

I don’t advise going around spouting off to people that they’re going to die, even if that’s what you’re sensing. This will only frighten them and make them think you’ve lost your mind. Psychic ability is a big responsibility, and we have to use it as such.

Here are two good examples:

Several years ago one of my coworkers was talking to me about her son. She was telling me that he’d been sick recently, with a fever, vomiting and extreme fatigue.

As she talked, I suddenly had what I call a “psychic flash”, a very quick clairvoyant vision. I saw her son’s circulatory system, all the veins and arteries running through his body. Immediately after that I saw the words, “cancer in the blood”.

The vision was there and gone in a millisecond. At this stage of my life, I wasn’t at all sure of my abilities, so I figured it was my morbid imagination taking over and dismissed it from my mind.

As the weeks wore on, this coworker kept telling me that her son was still sick and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Every single time she spoke to me about her son, I had the same psychic “flash” of his circulatory system, and the words, “cancer in the blood”. And every time I had that flash, I’d berate myself for being morbid and push it out of my mind again.

I’m sure you can guess what’s coming next.

Exactly five weeks after my first psychic flash of this woman’s son, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

I cried for days over that, and felt tremendous guilt. What if, by saying something, I could have given him a head start on treating this disease, five weeks earlier?

What if he died, all because I didn’t open my mouth?

It took me a long time to get over that, a long time of dealing with “what ifs”. Even though I wish I had given her an inkling of what I was seeing, I still don’t think it would have been wise for me to say, “Oh, it’s cancer in his blood!”.

What I could have done though, is say something like, “Have them check his blood, I feel it’s important for them to check his blood.” But it’s too late now.

I never did tell my friend about my visions, I couldn’t see how that would help anything.

(Note: After his diagnosis, he underwent many months of intense chemotherapy treatments and eventually went into remission. But the last I heard, he had had a recurrence. I’ve since lost touch with his mom, so I don’t know for sure how he is now.)

The other example is quite different.

I’m going to keep the details vague because my family doesn’t realize I had this premonition, and I don’t see why they should know about it now.

A couple of summers ago, I went to visit some family members. Upon walking into the house, I noticed a brilliant green aura surrounding one of those family members.

As I looked at this aura, I had a sense that his time on this earth was growing short, and he wouldn’t be with us too much longer. I had no reason to think this, because he wasn’t sick at all. He was elderly, but in great shape.

Like I used to do so often, I just dismissed it from my mind. Four months later he was diagnosed with cancer, and he died a few weeks after that.

This situation is very different than the other one, simply because it was this family member’s time to pass on. Nothing I said or did would have made a difference. It was his time to leave this earth, and I picked up on it. End of story.

I have often wondered why I’m given information like this, when it’s clear I can do nothing about it. What’s the point?

I’ve come to realize that when you’re open psychically, you get whatever there is, the good and the bad. If you refuse to accept the bad, you also shut out the good.

When you’re open, you’re open and all you can do is use your best judgment on when to say something about what you sense, and when to keep your mouth shut.

Always consider the other person’s feelings about what you might say. Try to help in any way you can, but also realize that they may not want to know. Respect that and accept it. Let go of what you cannot control.

Psychic Information in Dreams

Can psychic information come in dreams? YES! In fact that’s very common.

Remember though that dreams are very often symbolic rather than literal. Just because you dream of someone dying in a car crash doesn’t mean it’s going to happen! The car crash could be symbolic of something else in their lives, or in your life (obstacles, transformation, starting down a new path in life, etc.).

It will be tremendously helpful for you to study symbolism and learn what various symbols mean to you. Don’t rely too heavily on “known” symbolic meanings though. It’s a good place to start, but ultimately you should think about what various symbols convey to YOU.

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