Simple Money Spell

To call more prosperous and abundant energy into your life, try this simple spell. Take a quarter and anoint it with patchouli or cinnamon oil. Charge it by holding it between your palms and visualizing powerful energy flowing into it, turning it into a magnet for abundance. Kiss the quarter (for good luck) and toss it into a… Read More »

House Clearing Spell

Negative energy can often linger in a dwelling, causing all kinds of problems, from fatigue to appliance failure. If you’ve just moved into a new home, or if your home has a negative feel to it, it’s a good idea to spiritually cleanse all unwanted influences. (in fact, it’s a good idea to do this frequently in your… Read More »

Lost Object Spell

Need to find something you lost? This simple spell can help. Anoint a yellow candle with Lemongrass oil, from the base, up to the top. Light the candle and some Jasmine incense. Sit quietly and say: “Object I seek, come to me; wherever ye hide, I shall see. And as my word, so mote it be!” Then close… Read More »

Inner Beauty Spell

We don’t have to look like fashion models to be beautiful. Society today places way too much emphasis on physical beauty. What makes a person truly beautiful is when they glow with an inner light, when their spirit shines through the physical. This spell will help you to release your own true beauty. You will need: – one… Read More »

Weight Loss Spell

On the first night of the waning moon, cast a circle and light a white candle, and Vanilla or Sandalwood incense. Take a red candle and carve this rune on it several times: Anoint the red candle with patchouli oil, from the top, down to the base. Light the candle while chanting: “Goddess of the Moon, I seek… Read More »

Healing Spell

Use this spell to bring emotional or physical healing to yourself (or another, with their permission). You will need: – a white taper candle – sandalwood or myrrh oil – sandalwood, myrrh, or frankincense incense – a quiet, peaceful room. Cast a circle of energy, if you wish, and prepare your supplies. Sit quietly for a few moments,… Read More »

Sample Spells

A spell is an intent that you put out to the Universe, with a specific outcome in mind. Very much like a prayer, except you are involving your own energy and intent, rather than just “asking” for something. You don’t need any special powers or wisdom to do spells, you already have that within yourself. It’s a good… Read More »

Wicca for Beginners

Wicca has long been a very misunderstood religion. The words “Pagan” and “Witch”, for many people, bring to mind visions of dark rituals, blood sacrifices, and devil worshipping. The truth is, Wicca is nothing like that. Those are false stereotypes. I could go on and on about what Wicca isn’t, but will instead tell you what it is.… Read More »

Tarot Reversals

Tarot reversals are when some cards in the spread come out upside down. You are not obligated to use reversed cards in your readings, and if you prefer not to, simply keep all your cards facing in the same direction when you shuffle. However, many readers feel that reversed cards provide a much richer reading because of the… Read More »

Exercises to Learn Tarot More Quickly

– Give yourself a reading every day. Each morning, shuffle the cards and pick the top card from the deck. Study it and memorize its meaning. Watch for signs of the characteristics of this card throughout your day. See them and record them for future reference. – Before you know all the meanings of the cards, give yourself… Read More »