Help for Sensitive Psychic Souls

Sometimes people who are too open psychically can find crowded places extremely painful and uncomfortable. This especially applies to people who are strong in clairsentience, but it pertains to the other senses as well. In these situations, sensitives often feel bombarded with psychic impressions, emotions, thoughts and a flood of information from the people around them and even… Read More »

The Dark Side of Psychic Ability

With psychic ability, we often get the “bad” along with the good. When we develop our psychic senses, we are open to receiving all kinds of information, and this can include premonitions of upcoming events. This can be difficult, especially when we sense a loved one’s impending death or illness. Sometimes we can do something about these events,… Read More »

Intuition and Psychic Ability

When you first begin to practice using your psychic senses, you might get impatient with yourself and wonder if you’ll ever get it right. Don’t do that! As with anything else in this life, practice makes perfect! The more you work with these abilities, the better you will be with them. Don’t discount the information you’re getting. If… Read More »

Triggering Between Psychic Senses

Your psychic senses can often work together just as your five physical senses do. I call this “triggering”. For example, when doing spirit communication work, I will most often sense a spirit first, and then I get a mental image of what the spirit “looks like” (or what they looked like in life). I might get a sense… Read More »

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

People frequently ask how they can “become psychic” or develop what psychic abilities they have. Here’s the good news: we are ALL already psychic! Some of us are more naturally developed, but each of us can work on developing our psychic abilities further. First here’s a brief explanation of the types of psychic ability: Clairvoyance (clear-seeing) Having “visions”,… Read More »

Working With Angels and Spirit Guides

What is the difference between angels and spirit guides? Typically, angels are beings of Light that have not incarnated on earth before. (Though in certain cases some of them may have) They work closely with God and humans, helping to uplift, encourage and comfort us when we are in need. They may also come to deliver important messages… Read More »

Meditation Tips for Beginners

There are different types of meditation, but most of them have the same goal: To calm and quiet the mind, to center and ground us, to help us be more open to our intuition (Higher Self), and more connected to Spirit/God/Goddess. There are plenty of great sites on the Web that go into a lot more detail about… Read More »

Creative Visualization

Visualization is the process of generating images in your mind. Children are naturally proficient in this skill, but often, societal conditioning and lack of use result in the loss of the ability as we grow into adulthood. But it is a very handy skill to have! With some practice, you can reclaim this natural ability, and use it… Read More »

Make Your Own Scrying Mirror

We had a blast creating these adorable scrying mirrors, and you can too! Materials Needed: – Picture frame with glass, any size. (We used 5″ x 5″) – 1 can of high gloss black spray paint – Acrylic paints (any colors you choose) – Paint brushes or sponges – Fine powdered glitter (optional) – Rub-on transfers (optional) –… Read More »

Make Your Own Manifestation Box

A manifestation box (also called “creation box,” “wish box,” or “intention box”) can be a powerful tool in creating the life you want! The idea is to place things in the box that you want to attract or manifest in your life. Each time you do, you are sending an affirmation to the universe, and your intentions will… Read More »