Mediumship and Spirit Communication

By | January 20, 2017

Mediumship is the ability to sense Spirit (most often those who have lived on earth before, but this includes Spirit Guides/Angels too), and decipher the messages they wish to share with us.

This is not always an easy thing to do, but it is an ability that we all have. Some are born with this ability already fully developed, while others have to work at it some.

I was born with my mediumship skills somewhat developed (there seems to be an inherited tendency to it in my family), and then had an unusual childhood which ultimately helped me to grow further into my mediumship abilities. Click here to read my story.

On this page, I will be offering suggestions to help you to increase your own receptivity to Spirit.

Please note: There are many tools available to help you to develop your mediumship ability, but there are several things that are not only foolhardy, they are dangerous.

Among these are Ouija boards and séances.

Especially for the inexperienced, these can cause big trouble. The reason is, of course, that you are inviting spirits to come and talk with you, and you have absolutely no control over what type of spirits you may get.

There are many spirits who hang around close to the earth plane, just waiting for a chance to be let in. These are not the kind of spirits you want to contact. Some of them are malicious, evil and clever. They want very much to be invited back onto the earth plane, and will not want to leave once they get here. They can terrorize you and your family, and cause all kinds of upheaval in your life.

Even if you contact a seemingly harmless spirit (such as that of a small child, for example), there are no guarantees that that is really who you are conversing with. These spirits are masters at deception, and will use any means necessary to gain your trust.

You should NEVER try “conjuring” spirits in any way, shape or form. I strongly urge you to stay away from activities like that.

Express Your Desire

That said, the first thing you should do is express your desire to the Universe (God/Goddess). Examine carefully the reasons why you want to be a medium. If you are doing this with thoughts of impressing others or getting rich, you will not get very far.

The teacher of a mediumship course I took was fond of saying, “If you put yourself on a pedestal, Spirit will knock you quickly off it.” Spirit is not impressed by your abilities. Mediumship is a gift that was given to us, and as such should be treated with respect and gratitude.

The most important function of a medium is communication with the so-called dead, therefore proving that there is no such thing as death. The comfort and peace you can bring to those who have lost loved ones, by communicating with those loved ones, is immeasurable.

If you have thoughts of what you can gain from being a medium, rather than what you can offer, you might as well exit these pages now. Spirit does not tolerate self-serving efforts.

In order to be a successful medium, you must be humble, and have a burning desire to serve. Once you are certain of your motives, pray to God, Goddess, Great Creator, whomever you think of as Divine Intelligence. Tell Him/Her of your wishes. Express a heartfelt desire to develop your mediumship skills, and ask for the assistance of your Spirit Guides. Your Guides will begin working with you on developing your skills.

It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to become a successful medium. It isn’t usually something that will just be handed to you. Some people develop more quickly than others, or seem to grasp the concepts easier than others. Do not be deterred. Work at your own pace, be patient, and have some fun!

Raise Your Vibration

Work on raising your vibration. All energy vibrates, and all matter vibrates. Physical matter vibrates at a much slower rate than spiritual energy. Since spirits no longer inhabit a physical body, they are vibrating at a much higher level than we are. In order to communicate with them, we need to raise our vibration, while they slightly lower theirs.

But they cannot lower their vibrational level too much, because it is extremely uncomfortable for them to do so. The higher we raise our own vibration, the more easily we will be able to communicate with them.

To do this, start with affirmations. Affirmations are extremely powerful phrases that we vocalize in order to raise our vibration. Saying these affirmations aloud, (our voice vibrations themselves), actually causes a change in the energy around us, and sets things into motion.

Some sample affirmations you can say are:

“I am beauty and love and light”

“I am surrounded and infused with the light of God”

“I am filled with love for my fellow human beings”

“The love and light of God flows to me and from me”

Or create your own affirmations.

Anything is fine, as long as it’s of a positive nature. It is important to say these affirmations several times a day, and to say them out loud. Just thinking them is not the same thing, and will not be nearly as effective.

A great place to practice them is while in your car, driving, or sitting at a red light. Don’t worry, the person in the car next to you will just think that you’re singing. They don’t have to know what you’re really doing. 🙂

Affirmations should become a permanent part of your everyday life, even well after you have developed your mediumship skills.

The most important affirmation you should be saying is, “I want it. I will it to be.”

Say this aloud, while sending a heartfelt wish out to the Universe, as often as possible. Believe that your skills are developing, that your dream is being realized.

Positive Attracts Positive

Not only should you start saying affirmations, you should focus on making your entire life more positive and affirming. Think positively, and avoid pessimistic thoughts and words. These detract from our vibratory level.

Instead, smile, laugh, make others laugh, and focus on exuding love to all you encounter. Not only will this raise your vibration, it will improve the quality of your life.

Mind Discipline

Next, begin mind discipline training. This is probably the most uncomfortable aspect of mediumship development, but it is crucial. Your mind must be focused, uncluttered and centered in order to hear Spirit clearly.

Through the course of a normal day, we all have an amazing amount of “mind static”. We must develop the mind power necessary to reduce and eliminate this noise. The most effective way to do this is to spend time in meditation and prayer, every day. Start with increments of five minutes, then begin to increase the time as you get better at it.

You could also do other mind discipline training, such as holding one thought or picture in your mind for five minutes at a time without distraction, or trying to keep your mind completely blank for five minutes.

It isn’t easy at first, but with practice, it will get easier.

Keeping the Channels Clear

Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, getting the rest your body needs and daily exercise are also very important factors in mediumship development. Think of your body as a pipe, and the messages from Spirit is the water flowing through that pipe. If you let the inside of the pipe get all gunked up, it will affect the quality and purity of the water. You must keep the pipe clean and uncluttered with debris.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the most difficult aspects of mediumship training is the ability to tell if you’re getting a message from Spirit, or if it’s your own imagination.

Contrary to what is shown in movies, Spirit usually doesn’t come through to us with the noise level and force of a marching band. The messages we receive are quiet, still, and subtle. They are very easy to miss if we’re not paying attention. This can create a tremendous amount of doubt in our hearts.

The best way to eliminate this doubt is to test your progress. When the phone rings, ask your Spirit Guides if the caller is male or female. Make a note of the answer you feel you receive, and see if it’s correct or not.

Ask your Guides how many pieces of mail you will receive that day. Ask how many cars will be in the parking lot of your destination when you arrive there. (Obviously you should only do this with small parking lots, otherwise you’ll be out there all day counting cars)

The aim is to ask your Guides questions that are easily verifiable, and keep a record of when you receive the correct answers, and when your own imagination takes over. Eventually you will be able to tell the difference.

Remember that Spirit communicates largely through symbols. Studying symbolism will help you tremendously in deciphering messages.

For example, if you see a vision of a ferocious dog while working with a subject, it most likely does not mean that that person will be attacked by a dog! It could mean that they are being defensive about something, or that someone in their life is being aggressive, etc. Pay attention to the subtle messages contained within the visions you see, rather than taking each vision as an actual event.


Whatever path you choose to develop your mediumship skills, please remember that being a medium is a tremendous responsibility. It is not just a game that enables you to dig into people’s private lives, or to get “dirt” on them. It is not a parlor game to make you rich or exploit others.

It is a skill that should be used to help, comfort and guide others, and should be treated with the reverence and respect it deserves.

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