Creative Visualization

By | January 12, 2017

Visualization is the process of generating images in your mind. Children are naturally proficient in this skill, but often, societal conditioning and lack of use result in the loss of the ability as we grow into adulthood. But it is a very handy skill to have!

With some practice, you can reclaim this natural ability, and use it to help create the life you really want.

Everything that is created here on earth, is first created in Spirit. Have you ever said to your child, “Oh, that’s just your imagination, it’s not real”?

What is “real?” Only solid physical objects? Consider, however, that even physical objects are not “solid.” They are composed of tiny molecules that are vibrating so rapidly that they appear to be solid. You can’t see this happening with your eyes, but yet science has proven it to be true. “Reality” is subjective.

So, how do we visualize? Some people are able to do this quite naturally. Others struggle with it a bit.

The simplest way to begin is to visualize a common object that doesn’t have too many details. Close your eyes and imagine what an apple looks like. Or a tree. Or a colored circle. Begin with the simplest item you can.

Focus on holding this image in your mind for as long as you can. Really study it, and notice any details that jump out at you. Once you see the object clearly in your mind, try turning it so a different angle is presented. Or change the color. Change the size. Keep practicing until you can firmly hold the image in your mind every time you change it to something new.

Now try an item that is more complex, like a house. Or a car. Or a place you have visited before. The goal is to “see” this object/place in as much detail and clarity as you would if you were really there looking at it with your physical eyes. This can be difficult when you first begin, but with regular practice, you will be able to do it effortlessly.

How do we use Visualization to change our lives?

Spiritually speaking, you can create anything you wish in your life. And the key to doing this is to first see it in your mind. Creating images in your mind can help facilitate their creation in the physical realm also. But it doesn’t happen instantly (usually). There is a good reason for this.

Have you ever created something terrifying in your mind by accident? Have you ever worried or obsessed that a loved one would be injured or killed? Your imagination can easily run away with images like this. Imagine what would happen if we could instantly create anything we thought about. Any little fear that popped into your mind would become reality. For our own protection, our creation ability takes more time and effort to manifest in “reality.”

The good news is that anything we visualize on a regular basis will usually be manifested in reality. I say “usually” because there is another factor to consider.

You may be thinking, “All right! I will visualize winning the lottery and it will happen!” Maybe not. We must take into account the things that may not be in the interest of our highest good. If you did win the lottery, what would you do with all that money? Would you become complacent and do nothing with the rest of your life? Maybe Spirit doesn’t want that for you. Maybe you would be better off working toward a higher goal.

If something is not “meant” to happen, it won’t. Or if it does (yes, we CAN occasionally force things to happen if we will it hard enough), it wouldn’t turn out the way you hoped. You would likely be miserable, because you are not living the life you were intended to.

I suggest doing some exercises to help you decide what you really want in life.

First, take a sheet of paper and rapidly write down everything you would like to manifest in your life. Don’t give it a lot of thought at first, just quickly write down what you want. Once you have this list compiled, look over the items on it.

Then give some thought to each one, and decide if it would really be in your best interest to have this come true. Be honest with yourself. Just because something makes our lives “easier” does not mean it would be in our best interest.

Cross off anything from the list that wouldn’t serve your highest good. Now put the list aside, and let’s do a visualization exercise.

Close your eyes and take a few minutes to center and calm yourself. Take some deep, slow, cleansing breaths. Inhale through your nose, feeling your abdomen expand, then your chest, as your lungs fill with air. Pause for two seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth until your lungs are deflated again. Do this a few times.

When you are ready, I want you to visualize your “perfect” life. If you could create anything right now, what would you create? What kind of life would you be living? What would your home look like? What people and/or animals would share your life? What would you be doing for work? Would it fulfill you spiritually and emotionally? Would you be rich, or just comfortable? What would you look like physically? Would you be married, and to whom?

Really take some time with this, and form a picture that encompasses your deepest desires in life. Does this picture make you feel joyful and light? It should, for this is the reality that you want to create. If it doesn’t, give some more thought to what you really want.

Believing You are Worthy

Now for the hard part. Why do you think you haven’t created this life for yourself yet? Lack of opportunity, lack of money, lack of motivation? Or is it something deeper?

How would others feel about you if you manifested this reality? If you were rich, successful, attractive and purposeful in your life, would your friends and family members still be comfortable with you? How would they react to your sudden success? Would they be jealous of you, or intimidated by you? Would it bother you if they treated you differently than they do now?

Do you believe that you deserve this life you have imagined? Really? Do you believe that the Universe wants to bless you with the things you desire?

It’s easy to utter, “sure I do”, but I want you to really examine this question before answering.

Many of us really don’t believe that we are worthy of such blessings. Many of us are carrying guilt from years past, or a deep-seated feeling that we are not worthy of anything good. We can work our tails off, but it will never be “good enough”. If this describes you, it is very important to work on changing this belief.

The truth is, each of us deserves all the blessings in the world. Each of us deserves to have abundant financial resources, a loving mate, beautiful children, a happy home, a fulfilling job, a healthy, strong body.

We deserve all of that and more. We are radiant spirits, loving children of God, and that alone entitles us to all the riches we could ever hope to want. BUT – (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

There are several possible reasons why it may not happen for all of us:

– As stated above, we may not feel that we truly deserve such abundance. If this is the case, we need to work diligently at accepting (and feeling we deserve) the blessings we may have bestowed upon us.

Remember that you are already PERFECT! God created you that way. No, you may not always act perfectly or speak perfectly or do everything perfectly, but those things are not you. At your soul level, the deepest part of you, you are PERFECT and you DO deserve abundance, love and success.

– We may not be willing to work hard for what we want, instead choosing to sit back and wait for it to fall into our laps. Though this can happen, and frequently does, it is not guaranteed. In my experience, the Universe helps those who help themselves.

Remember that “like attracts like”. If you focus on lack, the Universe will respond in kind. If you believe that you have nothing, guess what? You have nothing. If you work hard toward your goals and refuse to settle for less, guess what happens? The Universe responds back with the same energy you have radiated, and showers you with success and abundance.

– It may not be the right time for these blessings to enter your life. Sometimes we need to wait for certain conditions to be right, or we need to reach a certain level of spiritual and emotional growth before we will truly be ready to accept our destiny. Even if we want something with all of our hearts, we may not be quite ready for it, so we must wait.

The important lesson in this scenario is to always be in the present moment. Look not forward, nor behind. Be consciously aware and alive right here, right now. Be grateful for the blessings you have at this moment, and forget the rest. When the time is right, circumstances will change.

– Finally, what we desire may not be in our best interest. I know, that is a hard one to swallow. But we need to take into consideration the fact that each of us has come to this earth for the purposes of Spiritual Growth. Though we would all love to be rich, successful, attractive, intelligent and powerful, that may not be the plan that God has for us.

Some of us will always struggle financially. Some of us have damaged or injured bodies. Some of us cannot bear children. Some of us have tendencies to addiction. Some of us have phobias and fears that prevent us from leaving our homes.

It sounds so bleak, doesn’t it? And yet, for some of us, it is what’s meant to be. Why? Why would God want such struggle and turmoil for us? Does He/She hate us that much? No.

I want to share something with you right now, something that you should keep forever in your heart – God loves us enough to let us struggle.

Difficulties strengthen us so much more than you know. If our lives were perfectly smooth, no stones to stumble upon, no obstacles to work through, how much would we grow? Probably not much. For some of us, the growth we achieve by progressing through obstacles is our life lesson. Success will be at the end of that path. For others, our life lesson is acceptance. Though you may not always “get what you want”, you will always have what you need.

Then Why Bother Trying? What’s the Point?

The point is that we never know which of the above scenarios pertains to us. There is never any harm in striving for better circumstances in our lives. In fact, I strongly encourage you to go for it.

Complete the exercises above and imagine the very best life you can. Really take the time to embellish your vision with details and insert everything you truly desire. Visualize this with all of your heart and soul, two or three times a day. Pray for it. Wish it with all of your heart.

And then be willing to release the outcome to God/Goddess/The Universe. If it is meant to be, it will be. If not, then something even better awaits you on the horizon.

Humbly accept whatever is meant for you in this life, and know that it is for your highest good. Vow to not only accept your destiny, but to revel in it. Live the most meaningful life you can. Touch as many hearts as you can. Be a powerful force of goodness in this world.

In doing so, your life is not meaningless; instead, it becomes a vehicle for positive change in the lives of others. Your positive energy will multiply and branch out to others, encouraging them to also live their best lives.

By manifesting an empowering vision for your life, you welcome and invite the powerful positive energies that can transform your life, and the lives of others, thereby transforming the world. And that, my friends, is a powerful vision.

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