Lucid Dreaming Techniques

by Abbas Abedi Have you ever experienced a dream whose results you could determine, and where you could do anything at will? Then perhaps you were able to have a “lucid dream,” which occurs when you know that you are dreaming, and can thus manipulate your dream to suit your needs. Lucid dreaming is a common phenomenon which… Read More »

MD: Metaphysical Denial is Curable

by Helene Rothschild “But I don’t get the information you do, Helene,” exclaimed frustrated Michael. I looked at him and replied, “Michael I think that you are suffering from MD, Metaphysical Denial.” His smile let me know that he knew what I was talking about. Michael was intuitive but he was discounting or not trusting the information he… Read More »

Spiritual and Physical Energy: Finding Balance

by Jeffry R. Palmer How much energy do you spend each day on physical activities? How much energy is consumed each day with spiritual concerns? The body and the spirit rely on each other for support; one suffers if the other is neglected. Finding the right balance between physical energy and spiritual energy is necessary to maintain a… Read More »

Conducting Self-Hypnosis

by Chuck Cox Contrary to what most people think, hypnosis is not something that is done to you. And all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis. In the end, it is you who induces the hypnotic state. Once in a hypnotic state, you can use tools such as visualization and imagery to reprogram the subconscious mind. And with a… Read More »

Breakdown or Breakthrough?

by Anita Pathik Law A few months ago, I received a desperate email from a member who thought she was experiencing a nervous breakdown. She was freaking out, weeping, feeling hopeless and confused. I felt the strain and fear in her email and picked up the phone to give her a call. After her shock wore off (that… Read More »

Understanding Spirituality: Are You Spiritually Connected?

by Alan Shelton Spirituality lies beyond the material world of proof, beyond what can be measured or counted. It is made up of the inner life, the realm of belief, mystery, and faith. And yet for all the mystery that surrounds it, spirituality is vital to our well-being. It is the foundation of our most closely held values,… Read More »

Spiritual FAQ: Spiritualism Questions

T writes: “I was looking at your site because my friend sparked my interest in spirtiualism. and i was curious about some things. Well ever since my grandfather passed on I was never able to let him go, and my uncle tells me that a good way to let go is to talk and believe that he has… Read More »

Spiritual FAQ: Understanding Premonitions

C Writes: “Over the last few years, I have begun to see premonitions, mainly while asleep, sometimes while awake and with the person affected. The premonitions (mainly those when asleep) tend to be upsetting, major events within the world or with people closer to home. They can occur months before the event or simply days before hand. What… Read More »

Spiritual FAQ: Spiritual Sensitivity

A writes: “I have in the past occasionally heard voices (which I have never denied). I’ve always had strong intuition about people and places and I dream a lot. In the last few months I have been overwhelmed. I am over stimulated in social situations to the point on certain days I don’t want to leave the house… Read More »

Spiritual FAQ: Colors and Psychic Ability

A writes: “What follows happened over ten years ago. I laid down to go to sleep. No more than a couple of seconds later I felt a lovely sensation go through my body. My eyes were closed. I then saw what I called a screen. The colours red, blue yellow and green were converging toward the middle of… Read More »