How to Have a Lucid Dream

Have you ever had a dream in which you suddenly became aware that you were dreaming? If so, you were lucid dreaming. Whereas most of the time we are not consciously aware in our dreams, lucid dreams offer the possibility of a richer dream experience – or sometimes even the ability to control our dreams however we want.… Read More »

The Truth About Soulmates

I get so many letters from people who want to find their soulmates. They are lonely, afraid, tired of being single, tired of the dating scene. Some of them are in unhappy relationships and know that their current partner is not their soulmate. But how do you find your true soulmate in this big, crowded world? Before you… Read More »

The Incredible Power of Prayer

During moments of helplessness, there is always one thing that can be done to make us feel more purposeful: pray. Contrary to traditional prayer poses, we don’t have to spend hours on our knees with hands steepled before us. Prayer can actually be a wonderful, calming, energizing, yet comfortable activity. Sit or lie in any position you wish.… Read More »

Spiritual Crisis: Dark Night of the Soul

Have you been struggling a lot lately? Feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, depressed, hopeless, confused? Have you been having health issues like flus, colds, headaches, and restlessness? Are you having relationship difficulties, and everything seems to be going wrong no matter what you do? Are you having strange, vivid dreams that you can’t remember much of the next morning? You… Read More »

Strengthening Your Intuition

Have you ever had a really bad feeling about someone or something, and later you learned that you were right to feel that way? Maybe it was someone you met and for some reason they gave you the creeps, and they later demonstrated their “creepiness.” Or one evening you got a feeling that you should take an alternate… Read More »

Divine Guidance in Everyday Life

Several years ago I had an experience that profoundly impacted me and helped me to see how the Divine can use us to help others. There are many “angels” on earth – people who devote their lives to helping others in some way. However, there are also those of us who are just average, everyday people that can… Read More »

The Roles of Destiny and Free Will

People frequently write to me and ask how they can tell what their “destiny” is. They have a fleeting feeling that they are not doing what they are meant to do on this earth, yet they have no clues what they really should be doing. Is there such a thing as destiny? Or do we each have Free… Read More »

Incense, Herbs and Oils to Increase Psychic Awareness

by Jeffry R. Palmer If you are interested in increasing your psychic abilities and strengthening your spiritual power the following list of herbs, incense and essential oils will prove to be useful. Some of these items may also provide prophetic dreams and heightened awareness. Others help to improve metal clarity and strengthen your spiritual energy. Experiment with these… Read More »

Trusting Your Intuition

by Hilda Carroll Are you aware of your inner voice? Do you pay attention to it? I’m not talking about the one who puts you down by the way! I’m talking about the one that softly whispers ideas and suggestions to you – the kind that the other voice might shout down, crying “Are you mad? That requires… Read More »

Simple Tips for Increasing Your Psychic Awareness

by Jeffry R. Palmer In my psychic development course, I focus mainly on mental exercises and meditation techniques which quickly help to increase psychic abilities. The following article outlines some simple and practical ideas which will help to increase your intuitive abilities as well as nurture your spiritual self. Turn off the television. Designate at least one day… Read More »